Military Appreciation Games

NC State Athletics hosts Military Appreciation Day events throughout the year. Last year, we honored our veterans during football, volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, wrestling, and basketball games.

Keep an eye out for an announcement regarding this year’s annual Military Appreciation Day Football Game honoring current military members, veterans, and their families.

Past Military Appreciation games and events:

-Football: Thursday, October 10th vs. Syracuse University at 8 pm

-Women’s Soccer: October 24th vs. Syracuse at 7 pm

-Men’s Soccer: November 1st  vs. Clemson at 7 pm

-Volleyball: November 1st vs. Clemson at 7 pm

-Men’s Basketball: February 1st vs. Louisville at 2 pm

-Men’s Wrestling: February 7th vs. UNC at 7 pm

-Baseball: April 19th vs. UNC at 2 pm


Ticket requests for all military affiliated students, faculty, and staff as well as game day event sign up forms will be emailed out to those receiving our e-newsletters.